Wilkinson and Tower tea

In both the Wilkinson and Tower texts they bring up one particular person known as Shennong. He is a legend that supposedly invented tea, according to folk tradition and the passing down of stories. In the text of Wilkinson it says, “Shennong, who was believed to have flourished thousands of years before the actual borrowing took place.” In the text of Tower it says, “The book lists 365 formulas and herbal preparations derived from plant, animal and mineral sources.” Which shows how both texts acknowledge how smart Shennong actually was. Knowing all these formulas and saying how he flourished just shows that he knew what he was doing, and did it well to have legends of himself that we read about today. They do not really contradict each other, the one example is just more precise than the other on how he did flourish at the time compared to others. If one thing they contradict their sureness. Because in Wilkinson it says it is believed and in Tower the tone seems very confident and knowing that Shennong knew this for sure. But once again they both compliment each other by showing his true genius, and his affect he left on others to this day, by the passing down of his story.

Compact orange pepper plants
Beautiful plant that Shennong may have known about.

Bibliography: https://www.ars.usda.gov/oc/images/photos/photos-plants/

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