Tea Tastings

Matcha, Powder, Tea, Matcha Whisk.
Called some tea jade because of the color.
Matcha Powder Tea

Tasting all the different types of tea on Thursday was a big eye opener for me. It affected the way I look at tea now, because in my head I only knew a handful of tea’s, basically the most common household brands. But this showed me that there is variety and a deeper meaning with making and tasting them. Like for the Sencha, Green tea looked like cut up grass or ripped up leaves, and when mixed with the hot water it honestly tasted the way it looked. It was pretty bitter and had a grassy taste at first but after a couple of sips it got better but not great. The texture was pretty unique as well, it reminded me of a watery syrup type of texture. For the white tea it looked like little pine needles before being put into the water and somewhat grayish, but when wet they grew in size and got a little bit more color to them. Now this tea had a very light feel to it, somewhat soothing and was kinda sweet, and got better by every sip. A very unique tea that I never knew existed is the Lapsang Souchong tea. It was very unique in a way because it had a very smokey smell to it, somewhat like bacon in a way. It was not too good in my opinion for taste but when mixed with milk and sugar was pretty good, because it mellowed out the smokey taste. Overall all the teas made me feel relaxed after taking a couple sips from each, and soothed my throat.


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