Tea History

Tea Plant
This plant may look harmless, but it can cause big problems.

We have so far seen the tea plant go through many changes so far throughout history, especially where it originated from, China. We have seen tea go from being a great discovery by Shennong that would be used as a medical plant that can cure all illnesses to the Chinese people and their culture. Transfering over to be a common household drink to people in China that would be served everyday multiple times a day. To be used as a sacred plant that is used in ceremonies, but now we are seeing it as an item that is causing a lot of conflict throughout countries. We see it leading to the British getting greedy and wanting this plant so they end up stealing it for their own use which ends up causing fights between both them and China. Leading to horrible wars that left millions dead. Another thing we see is “imported labor” which is basically slavery, which would have workers be pushed to their limits of death or to flee for survival. It is also embarrassing how they use “imported labor” to try and cover up slavery with a nicer concept of words. Overall it is impressive and bizzare to see how this tiny plant can cause such large amounts of chaos and commotion.


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