Plants and Humans

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Younger generation planting a plant.

Humans and plants are connected more than you may think. First and most importantly plants keep us living in the general context of it, without them none of us would be here. Because of their complex systems that go through photosynthesis and respiration they create oxygen for us to survive. But we also help plants survive and not just because some people own and take care of plants, that is a big part too, but when we release our breath we let out carbon dioxide which to them is like our oxygen. Lets just say they need it to survive as well. So there is a constant cycle between us and plants and keeping one another alive. Some plants also provide us with food like potatoes, tomatoes, and peppers, which also keeps us alive, while other plants provide shelter and warmth known as trees. While us humans help some in return by watering them, sheltering them, and protecting them from any bugs or rodents trying to eat them. Another way humans help is by gathering seeds of the plant and planting them so they could repopulate even faster. So it is a very cool and interesting symbiotic relationship that we share with plants.

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