Japan Tea History

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This beautiful cup of tea can change history

We have seen China go through positive and negative situations because of tea. From having this new finding for medical use and turning it into ceremonies that were used for cultural purposes. To beginning in every household to be consumed everyday, then transferring to causing problems with the British resulting in wars that left millions dead. It has also heavily contributed to economies increasing and seeing much growth socially throughout a country. Now we see Japan adopting this very special plant, and have treated it with much respect. Like how when making or consuming the tea, everything must be precise and treated delicately like a loved one. They even went as far as turning it into a religion that much would take apart of. Which is very unique and shows really how much they liked the tea. Like imagine if people nowadays worshipped and made a religion out of water. They would soon then follow in China architecture and take some of their ideas and make it apart of their customs. Tea has impacted Japan a lot, they would base their moods on how much tea they have consumed, like if someone was angry they would say they did not have enough cups of tea that day.


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