A Nice Cup of Tea

Inside the Factory reveals how to brew perfect cup of tea | Daily Mail  Online

I do not agree with the author’s thoughts about tea. In the article it says creamy milk and sugar ruin the true taste of the tea. This could be true but in my opinion it makes it so much more enjoyable. Same with not straining out the leaves, you always have to strain them out. Along with using Indian tea, I have never used it. We may disagree on a lot of things, but the author opened up my mind by showing me there is another way to drink tea. Instead of my old reliable milk and sugar, maybe I could enjoy this way even more if I tried it. I now see this essay as a learning point, that there can be more than one correct way for everything. It just determines which way you prefer.

The assignment after the reading also really helped me understand the article a lot more. It was fun and helpful to go in-depth in the article. It gives you a little bit of an eye opener, because in high school we would never look at it in a way like that. Also to just learn that skill and practice it will make you an overall better writer and learner.

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